Hi, my name is Di. I was raised as an Oregonian, have obtained a B.A. from UC Berkeley, and currently am in my last year of medical school on Long Island aspiring be an Emergency Medicine physician. I am lucky to have four personal cheerleaders in my life: my wonderful husband Matt and our 3 dogs Hamachi, Millie and Foxy. Aside from medicine, I enjoy exploring various culinary adventures in the kitchen, taking long walks with the dogs, and seasonal mischief.


2009 — Present

Stony Brook University School of Medicine. M.D. June 2013 (anticipated)

2004 — 2008

University of California at Berkeley. B.A., Molecular & Cell Biology

Honors & Awards


Chosen by peers and faculty as nominee for induction into Gold Foundation Humanism Honor Society.


Chosen by peers and faculty as one of the 10 medical students in the class of 2013 to serve on the Admissions Committee.

Work Experience

2008 — 2009 Staff Research Assistant

U.C.S.F., San Francisco, CA.

  • Designed and executed protocols for effects of cocaine and citalopram on circadian rhythm and daily activity of C57bl/6 mice
  • Breeder and caretaker of colonies of C57bl mice

2008 — 2009 Clinic Coordinator

Berkeley Free Clinic, Berkeley, CA

  • Coordinate the training of new counselors, maintain and negotiate contracts with the City of Berkeley, and corroborate with other sections in the clinic.

Research Experience

2005 O.H.S.U., Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Mu-Shui Dai, MD; "Cellular localization of L11 and its role in regulation of p53 and c-Myc."

  • Constructed plasmids encoding GFP-fusion L11 protein and its mutants.
  • Performed experiments to delineate the relationship between L11 with P53 and c-Myc.

2004 — 2005 U.C. Berkeley, Department of Neuroscience

Jacobs Lab, PhD; "Murine models of sex differences in spatial navigation."

  • Performed neurobehavioral experiments delineating murine sex differences in spatial navigation focusing on the CA1 and CA3 areas of the hippocampus.

2003 O.H.S.U., Department of Neuroscience

Robert Stackman, PhD; “SK channel regulation of hippocampal function.”

  • Performed experiments showing the role of the amygdala in fear condition in mice and experiments involving SK channel regulation of hippocampal function.

Presentations & Conferences


Mid-Atlantic Medical Student Symposium in Baltimore, Maryland


Gold Foundation Humanism Honor Society Biennial Conference in Chicago, Oct 2012


Stackman, Robert, Role of amygdala in fear conditioning. Apprenticeship in Science and Engineering Meeting; Portland, OR.

Teaching Experience

2012 Coordinator/Founder, HIV Prevention and Counseling.

Stony Brook School of Medicine Course Director: Dr. Wackett

  • Founded this course to educate future doctors to counsel patients who are offered HIV testing.

2007 — 2009 Member of Teaching Crew

Berkeley Free Clinic, Berkeley, CA

  • Designed and taught lesson plans for HIV counselor training.

Community Service

2009 — Present Volunteer

Stony Brook Health Outreach and Medical Education, Stony Brook School of Medicine

  • As a preclinical student, obtained vitals and chief complaints and triaged patients based on their presenting condition.
  • As a clinical student, obtain history and physical and presented patient with assessment and plan to attending.

2010 — Present Steering Committee Member

Stony Brook Health Outreach and Medical Education, Stony Brook School of Medicine

  • Organize and manage clinic sessions and oversee general flow of clinic.
  • Manage continuity of patient care.
  • Organize transition from paper records to EMR.

2010 — Present Electorate Board Member

Student National Medical Association, Stony Brook School of Medicine

  • Coordinator of STOP (STI Outreach Program).
  • Coordinate the training of medical students to teach HIV education to underserved schools on Long Island.

2006 — 2009 HIV Counselor

Berkeley Free Clinic, Berkeley, CA

  • Assessed patients’ HIV risk and helped them to find risk reduction methods.
  • Counseled and provided referrals for patient’s psychological, emotional, and physical needs.

2007 — 2009 Billing Coordinator

Berkeley Free Clinic, Berkeley, CA

  • Designed new billing system to maintain records of HIV testing expenditure.
  • Coordinate billing transactions between the clinic and the City of Berkeley as well as organize intra-clinic records.

2006 — 2007 Physical Therapist Helper

Special Needs Aquatics Program, Berkeley, CA

  • Helped physically and mentally disabled children acquire physical strength and agility by using aquatic exercises.

2005 Volunteer

Suitcase Clinic, Berkeley CA

  • Helped homeless patients with foot care and referrals for basic necessities.

Professional Memberships

2012 — Present

American College of Emergency Physicians

2012 — Present

Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association

2009 — Present

American Medical Association

2009 — Present

The Medical Society of the State of New York

Hobbies & Interests

  • Fluent in Mandarin
  • Dancing: Performed in Evening of Arts and Asian Extravaganza 2009-2011
  • Playing piano
  • Sketching: sketched design on wedding invitation
  • Cooking
  • Hiking with my dogs